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CHSR stands as a beacon of excellence in addressing the evolving needs of the hospitality and visitor economy. Positioned strategically within the Bliss of Hinton development, our unique academic model integrates learning activities, research, and hands-on experiences to produce high-quality and innovative practitioners. The commitment to cultivating high-caliber talent aligns with the vision of contributing significantly to the diversification and consolidation of Alberta's position as a key hub for human capital development.

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File your initial application in under 5 minutes and get a consultation with one of our student advisors. It's fast, easy and personal - we'll set a time to chat with you about your future and answer all your questions.

Where we are

Nestled in the serene landscape of Hinton, AB, the Centre for Hospitality Studies and Research (CHSR) offers an unparalleled educational journey in the heart of one of Canada's most picturesque settings. Positioned at the doorstep of the magnificent Jasper National Park, a renowned tourism hotspot, CHSR provides students not only with a beautiful backdrop for their studies but also a unique, real-world laboratory for hospitality and tourism education. Here, the natural wonders and vibrant tourism industry create the perfect setting for experiential learning, blending academic rigor with the splendor of the Canadian Rockies.

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